Agloco - Make money while surfing

tisdag 4 december 2007


Want to make money while just surfing the net? Without any catches? Agloco is your choice.

* Agloco is the re-birth of AllAdvantage, which paid out over $100,000,000 to its members.
* Agloco costs you nothing. It's free. And it always will be.
* Agloco is simple. Sign up here, download the Viewbar, browse the web and get paid. Tell your friends, and you'll get paid for their use, too.
* Once you sign up, you'll get your own referral URL that your friends can use to sign up.
* Agloco's Viewbar shows ads and lets you search the Web. Advertisers and search engines pay Agloco when you do that, and Agloco then pays you.
* Agloco members accrue hours that the Viewbar is open on your desktop.
* Agloco members accrue hours to have your friends have their Viewbar open.
* Once you start using the Viewbar, you'll start getting credit for those hours, for which Agloco will then compensate you.
* Agloco will determine how to compensate you, over time, with cash and shares.
* Currently, mathematically, every 5 people that you refer to Agloco, that in turn refer 5 others, will double your compensation.

So why wait? Make money everyday now!